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The game features a variety of different play modes such as a fighter mode, a 'death match' mode, a level editor mode and a two-player versus mode. The game received mixed reviews upon its initial release and was released for the arcades in August 1991, followed by its home console release in December 1991. The game follows protagonist Michael Knight, who is tasked by the Illuminati to defend an unnamed planet from an alien invasion. Gameplay Michael Knight: The Commando features a variety of gameplay modes such as a two-player versus mode, a death match mode, a level editor mode and a fighter mode. The basic play modes can be combined with each other to form more complex modes such as death match matches on different levels or moving through a level as Michael Knight instead of fighting enemies. In the death match mode, the player controls a fighter with a selection of several vehicles, which can be piloted by the player. After the player has driven the vehicle, the player can choose the enemy they want to fight. The weapons are secondary to the vehicles, but the player is able to choose the weapons and use them to fight the selected enemy. The fighting system of the game is similar to Double Dragon II. The player has two lives and can continue after losing a life. In the level editor mode, the player can freely move about a level and choose weapons. The player starts out with a basic pistol, but the player can find other weapons, such as machine guns, at certain points. When the player is not in a vehicle, they can freely jump and attack enemies with the pistol. Enemies can be killed using the pistol, but the player can also kill enemies using other weapons. The player is also able to create their own levels, which can be edited and then saved. Plot Michael Knight, a police officer, is on a mission to protect the Illuminati, a group of wealthy people who are trying to stop a large alien invasion. The owner of the mall in which the Illuminati members work is threatened by the aliens, and is sent the Michael Knight to protect him. Once Knight arrives at the mall, the aliens attack and the Illuminati members are all killed. Knight then learns that the aliens are actually the result of a military experiment, who have been sent to control the human race. Michael Knight is later called back to the mall to help rescue the owner's daughter, Janet, who was kidnapped by the aliens. Knight's first encounter with





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Free Download Captain Commando Game Full Version

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