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. You could not control it any more. The ribbon is loaded with unused ink. This is a very nice multifunction printer. Just open the cover, you can see there are 5 prints. So I just took the tray out and find the 5 unused prints. They are right on the upper tray and are easy to find. Once you find them, you can print as many as you want.By Jonathan Bailey, CNN Atlanta (CNN) - The Georgia House passed a bill Friday that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and ban abortions on women seeking out the procedure based on race, religion or sex. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has until Friday to decide whether to sign the bill into law. House Bill 757 was passed in a 69-30 vote, and now goes to the Senate, where lawmakers will take up House Bill 672. The Georgia bill is the most restrictive abortion ban of any state legislature in the country, and the only one that has been signed into law so far. Women of color in Georgia, including African-Americans, and women with low incomes are more likely to get an abortion later in pregnancy, the bill's supporters note. But they're likely to face serious legal and financial obstacles, and that's why the bill is controversial. "The legislation is unconstitutional," said Holly Fretwell, a lawyer with the Center for Reproductive Rights. "This bill would be clearly unconstitutional under the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, which governs states regulating abortion." But critics say the bill would upend Georgia's ability to comply with federal law, leaving women of color who have abortions without a legal avenue to appeal a state decision, and it will set a state standard that could drive health clinics out of business. "I am proud to have fought for women to be able to choose what is best for them when they are dealing with pregnancy," said state Rep. Nancy Detert, R-Tifton. "It is best for a mother to choose life for her unborn child." Women who choose abortions can now get Medicaid coverage for the procedure at that point, but the state does not give that option to women seeking abortions because of fetal anomalies. "I have heard of some women who have had to terminate a pregnancy because they couldn't afford the procedure," Detert said. "With this law, I believe that we will see more clinics close down."



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EPSON Adjustment Program Waste Ink Reset TX550W SX510W Serial Key elyeve

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